Thursday, December 17, 2009

Erring Education: Gay, Green, and Garbled

I work with some of the best children in the world. I love them. Typically, the parents of these children are decent, productive citizens who possess traditional, often biblical, values. But alarmingly, a once-marginal chasm, now worse than the proverbial “generation gap,” grows with every decade. A major cause of this generational values chasm lies at the feet of an educational system that has run amiss.

The gay-lesbian agenda has relentlessly asserted itself for nearly twenty years, establishing footholds in public school and softening attitudes elsewhere. Homosexuals have asked the right to peacefully live their lives, but they aggressively promote their lifestyle, insisting that their abnormal lifestyle be accepted as normal. Tactics of intimidation once thought to be used only against gays and lesbians are used by gays and lesbians in attempts to pressure opponents into silence or acceptance.

The effect of the homosexual movement is a progression of the rights of a small minority at the expense of a recession of the first-amendment rights of the majority. The increase in on-campus gay-lesbian groups and demonstrations are symptomatic of education gone awry. More than the toleration of the gay-lesbian agenda is taught in public schools. Overwhelmingly, the propagation of the lifestyle as a part of regular society is often infused into the classroom and campus life. As in outside society, those who disagree with the homosexual agenda are viewed as intolerant and mean-spirited. Ironically, hundreds of gays and lesbians tend to demonstrate more intolerance and warlike attitudes than those they accuse of having the same faults.

Another example of education gone amiss is the issue of global warming. Supporters of a warming earth have hotly stirred many into a near frenzy for fear of an environmental Armageddon in a relatively few years. Recent revelations have substantiated the counter-claims of tens of thousands of scientists who dispute the cries of the Gore-ites. How soon will schools begin to present the opposing side to the panic-driven global warming curriculum? Perhaps about as soon as they will present intelligent design as an option to evolution.

When I was younger, a common fear was another ice age. That didn’t happen, and neither will global warming. Man is responsible to care for the earth, but he must not trump control over freedom in an exaggerated attempt to stymie a straw giant that doesn’t exist. Students speak frequently of ways to prevent global warming more often than they present ways to living moral lives and knowing the Constitution. The overemphasis on “green” has American students turning red when matched against their international counterparts in academic competition.

Garbled communications are another factor in today’s educational abyss. That which is ignorantly or intentionally framed to confuse, mislead, or skew is garbled, and therefore unfit for instruction or consumption. Nevertheless, from morals to academics, from the coercing of societal evolution to the rewriting of our nation’s history, an obvious humanistic doctrinal path has been provided for teachers and is daily preached to students.

If the trumpet gives forth an uncertain sound, the inhabitants of the city will be taken unaware by conquerors. Garbled communications, regardless of the intent of the instructor, will produce fruit consistent with the seeds planted. Students have been suffering from a restricted, enslaving educational agenda. Academic leaders who publicly champion academic freedom have cleverly crafted a curriculum designed to carve a population shaped to think one way, a recipe for certain intellectual and spiritual illness for our country.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The RNC and RINO's: NY-23 and California US Senate

We are seeing a California US Senate Republican primary battle between a true conservative, State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, and a "favored" moderate, Carly Fiorina. Chuck is continuing to build a marvelous grassroots base and has the support of Senator DeMint, Congressman McClintock, and well over half of California's GOP leadership, but there is concern over the future actions of the national GOP leadership. Carly has the support of many national Republican leaders.

NY-23 is an example of what happens when a genuine conservative runs a credible campaign but is not supported by the RNC. There could have been another conservative voice and vote in the House, but instead, the Republican candidate threw her support to an ideological foe of most registered Republicans, committing an act of betrayal and a misuse of RNC donations.

Governor Schwarzenegger ran as a Republican, and some thought the best he could do would be to restrain economic irresponsibility and veto some harmful social bills. Those actions and hopes were short lived, and he now resembles very little that is traditional Republican. He feels the GOP needs to moderate its views, and he continues to alienate party conservatives.

I am not at the forefront of a third-party movement, but I am aware of historical organizational trends: the natural tendency is to decline. The Republican National Committee is indeed risking becoming a non factor if it persists in ignoring some of its formerly held conservative principles due to a "unifying" but marginalizing pragmatism within its leadership. The current philosophy will unify only in that it will exclude those who once comprised the GOP base. For now, any money and efforts I can contribute go straight to a conservative candidate, not to the RNC and most likely a RINO.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Report on Visit to Washington, DC, September 2009

Last month I made my usual trip to Washington, DC for the annual National Legislative Conference of the American Association of Christian Schools. As a “warm-up,” I was able to attend Saturday’s 912 Rally at the Capitol with a pastor friend and his wife. The crowd was polite but passionate, calm but concerned. Those who attended were upset at the direction the current Administration is leading America.

The problems we see in our country are mere symptoms of an underlying disease. Even as “righteousness exalteth a nation,” so unrighteousness debases a nation. The once seemingly insidious seeds of corruption have now surfaced as blatant attacks on our political, philosophical, and spiritual foundations, entangling us with deserved bondage and threatening to totally remove any trace of life from a creation once graciously birthed by the Giver of all liberty.

To be sure, millions are upset about political trends, and many are fighting some of the issues we addressed at our conference and in hundreds of congressional offices. Among the topics we highlighted were the following:

• Health Care – impacts ministries as well as other business, not to mention families.
• ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) – infringes upon the religious liberties of employers and employees
• Hate Crimes – creates protected classes of “questionable” minorities but excludes religious groups; establishes legal machinery for thought crime determination.
• Universal Pre-Kindergarten – is another attempt to divorce children from parents.

Millions of citizens are indeed upset about many arrogant attempts to assault our Constitutional, Bible-based freedoms, and that dissent is encouraging. Empty would this unrest prove, however, if its basis is merely a secular conservatism. Lasting fruit will be produced only as people are awakened to their own inadequacies and sins and respond to the God who gave His Son a ransom for many, the God to Whom Washington prayed and rested in for His atonement and strength. Prayers for all Americans...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day 2009

On a day of celebration, I celebrate. John Adams would have me do so. I marvel at the miraculous victories frequenting our history books. I reverence the countless heroes who “more than self their country loved” and gave the “last full measure of devotion.” I am grateful for the liberties and luxuries I enjoy as an American. As a Christian, I especially appreciate the expansive rights guaranteed to me in the First Amendment.

But I also take time for reflection. I cannot ignore the path America has followed in the past four decades. As Jefferson reminded his contemporaries, the natural course of liberty is to decline. Our freedoms have been legislated and litigated away, and our liberties have been redefined and restricted, all justified in the name of greater freedom and equality for all.

I conclude not with a melancholy resignation to an inevitable surrender to those who blindly attack the foundations of our Nation. Rather, I renew myself in my dedication to my God and the “God of Our Fathers” and to this Country that is still worth saving. May God grant a prayerful and powerful return to the positions that made us what we are: a Republic, a “Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Glamor of War

In the '60's, I watched war movies on Saturday mornings and Combat! on Tuesday nights. After I watched enough during the week, I played war in my buddy's yard Saturday mornings. Bullets, grenades, bombs--then time for lunch. On the evening news, I would occasionally check the nightly Vietnam scoreboard and see that we were cleaning up on the Viet Cong and would surely wipe them out. I felt good when I went to bed, knowing we were beating the bad guys. Glamorous.

In the "old days," war wasn't depicted as graphically as in recent years. Now we can see heads and limbs severed and blood splattered on our local screens. On distant battlegrounds, military personnel can target a distant room and deploy a bomb, providing a kind of video-game gratification to a random observer. Results still devastating. Not so glamorous.

The truth is that flesh-and-blood men and women still wage war, and human beings die. The real heroes are the ones who willingly put their bodies in the way of unseen airborne projectiles or underground devices. As my Iwo Jima friend shared with me, soldiers do not view themselves as heroes; rather, they call themselves just that--soldiers who are doing their duties, knowing that their blood may "water" some foreign soil.

Today I join with General Douglas MacArthur who said, "The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war." Today I give thanks for those selfless souls "who more than self their country loved" and dutifully gave "the last full measure of devotion." Today I pray that the God of Peace would work in the hearts of men everywhere so that they might know true peace.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish

Directional Uncertainty and National Insecurity - President Obama's National Security Speech

The following is essentially a comment I submitted after reading Karl Rove's Wall Street Journal article dealing with President Obama's "flip-flops" and governance:

"Love is blind" comes to mind as I recall the mass swooning during Mr. Obama's rise to the Presidency. The people, wearied of war and the economic battle, chose the path of change proposed by one of the Senate's leading liberals, a relatively inexperienced politician who could give good speeches, as numbers of voters testified. The majority now have what they wished for.

The President's flip-flops are characteristic not only of liberalism, which itself is epitomized by the word "change," but also of expediency. I can accept certain deviations and adjustments to basic, generally consistent policies, but I begrudge an "about-face" in an area paramount to his campaign. Doing so reveals a directional uncertainty about the Commander-in-Chief who leads our nation and is responsible for our national security. Directional uncertainty is certainly something America cannot risk.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Morning After" - More Disaster

President Obama’s decision to permit 17-year-olds to obtain the “morning after” pill without parental permission signals another dramatic “change” from the previous administration. (New Hampshire Union Leader 4/25/09,

Teens are going to have sex anyway, so let’s provide condoms. Teens are going to have sex, so let’s now prevent a natural result of sex from developing, after that natural result has already begun its process. We all know that the natural result, given nine months, produces a human being from the womb.

Abstinence training does no good—birth rates actually increase. False. Planned Parenthood’s own statistical source noted a decrease extending beyond the mid-point of the Bush Administration compared to statistics based on the Clinton Administration years.

What is “natural” for two human beings may be unbiblical and unconscionable to some, mainly to the conservative religious crowd. The same act or lifestyle may be untimely, unsafe, or unwise to some, totally acceptable and normal to others. Using a clean needle does not negate the effects of the drug on the human body. Similarly, using a condom or “morning after” pill does not negate the disastrous effects of free sex on the minds of individuals and the future of a nation.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Robin Hood Lives

Robs from the rich and gives to the poor. So goes the legendary story of Robin Hood, who glamorized the art of robbery.

Rob from the rich and the middle class and give to a variety of deserving and undeserving recipients. Congress and California's lawmakers irresponsibly and immorally continue "legal plunder," (so called by French philosopher Frederic Bastiat) a habit neither legendary nor as glamorous as Robin Hood's.

Robin Hood's targets were a comparatively few oppressive, selfish nobles, not the majority of the contributing laborers. Government needs to return much to the hard workers of America, lest we become a nation of two classes--a few who have, and most of us who have not.

From a biblical perspective, Jesus told His followers that they were to render to "Caesar" that which was his. In recent American history, however, most politicians have exceeded that which is reasonable in determining what is Caesar's, to the point of inhibiting the creative, industrious people who elected them.

This is not medieval fantasy; this is present-day reality. There will come a day when governmental plundering will produce nothing more but poverty, unless the current trend is reversed.

Monday, April 6, 2009

American Arrogance

I tire of hearing one-sided, limited perspectives, but especially when a viewpoint unjustly paints the country I love as an overbearing, international ogre.

James Lewis (American Thinker 4/06/09, “Those Arrogant Americans”) reminds us of only a few heroic episodes and interventions from our history, and he does not really touch on the infinite dollars and manpower devoted to humanitarian aid. Whenever there is an international disaster, it seems the United States is ready to lend a helping hand, where it is usually immediately received by the victimized country, unless Myanmar or the People’s Republic is a potential recipient.

I understand the current administration’s desire to promote world goodwill. That desire is as old as America. I do not understand, however, an unbalanced, self-deprecation on the international stage. Our enemies will respect us less and grow more motivated, and our allies will become uncertain concerning our resolve and dependability.

Acting “cowboy” may not have been appealing to many as a foreign-relations approach—perhaps arrogant; but “kow-towing” as a means of appeasing will surely prove to be ignorant.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Poll Reversal –Same-sex marriage support eroding - PPIC - Red County

I supported Proposition 8. I am neither a homophobe, nor am I a hatemonger. I love all people.

I support the peoples' right to choose; accordingly, I oppose the efforts of some judges to overturn the reasonable, constitutional will of voters.

I fear continued media manipulation and censorship, which although are more palatable than the techniques of the former Soviet Union, are nonetheless effective.

If Californians will align their beliefs and actions according to traditional American values, the polls will continue their current trend. By “traditional,” I mean that which was typical of our inhabitants for three centuries. Traditional thought found its basis in conservative, often openly biblical principles.

Ordinarily, the God of the Bible wrote His principles—His messages—in clear, literal terms. When the language is symbolic, passages elsewhere shed light on obscure words or lines. The language of the Bible is indisputable in reference to God's viewpoint on same-sex physical relations. Homosexuality is not an acceptable lifestyle alternative.

Homosexuals are permitted to practice their sexual preferences as they wish, and they are often afforded a more positive media light than heterosexuals. The gay-lesbian movement impresses some citizens as a group seeking to aggressively impose its will and lifestyle on others who disagree, something a religious group would not be permitted to do.

Freedom to practice homosexuality is not the same as the freedom to restrict the First-Amendment Rights of others. The November vote was reasonable and logical, and homosexuals are still entitled to a large array of commonly held rights. May the 2008 majority continue to have their will and their rights protected.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Marriage Memory 2009

Today marks the anniversary of my marriage to the bride I wed 31 years ago.

Ours has been its own unique marriage, as any other marriage. My wife Debbie had her eyes on me when we were both in the same high school and church youth group, but I the male was on a deferred schedule. Her designs were wisely withheld from me and eventually, our timetables were sweetly synchronized.

The most beautiful girl in the world, however, did not have an interior to rival her exterior. Health problems surfaced within a year of the birth of our third and last child, and my wife proceeded to slowly worsen for over twenty-five years. We could write a book chronicling our trials and triumphs.

I am thankful for the wife God gave me. She has demonstrated grit and grace in the midst of mountains only faith has been able to move. Somehow, she has also managed to maintain a patient and tender spirit toward others, including me when I have been less patient and tender than I should have been. My life has been challenged and strengthened by my mate who countless times has felt her life to be less than fulfilled. Her dream was to be a blessing to me, and she is. She continues to fulfill her dream in ways she did not desire or seek. Nevertheless, I am blessed by my wife.

I am thankful for the path God chose for me. My Creator knew exactly what I needed, and I have experienced much as my wife and I have walked in the ways designated by the Ultimate Guide of Life. Many times were difficult, perhaps "bad" times in which I felt injustice and frustration, but my definitions of "good" and "bad" are incomplete and inadequate. The All-Knowing and All-Wise Good Shepherd who loves His sheep -- Who loves me -- brings no harm to those He loves. I am safe, secure, and strong when I joyfully allow God to work His good will in me and through me.

I am thankful for my life. I rejoice with the wife of my youth, as Solomon's Bible Proverb says; I am content with what I have, as the Apostle Paul wrote in the New Testament of the Bible. I treasure my children, who because of our circumstances are closer to me than most children are to their fathers.

Life's hardships actually have simple solutions, although those solutions can and do take time to see, depending on how long I wait to turn my eyes in the right direction. As self-centeredness recedes from the shores of my mind, selflessness replaces the fog that obscures and the lull that hinders with a light that clarifies and a zeal that fulfills.

On this anniversary day, I thank God for the precious wife He has given me, knowing that His grace that has sustained us and enriched us for over thirty years will continue to do so as we avail ourselves of His strength, peace, and love. I want no other life partner than the wife I have. I am just right for her, and she is just right for me. Thank you, Dear Lord, for leading me to my dear Debbie. May your hand be upon us both.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Same-Sex Marriage: Still Hope from the Courts?

“… Do we really want minority rights swinging on majority sentiment? Maybe homosexuals, who’ve been abused so drastically for so long, are a minority group that merits court protection.” ("Total Buzz," Orange County Register, 2/27/09)

Experience has taught me that religious people, on the whole, are more kind and tolerant than the minorities who are allegedly now persecuted. Conservatives strive to protect the free speech of their opponents, while liberals have worked to restrict the rights of their foes. Aside from an official “marriage,” same-sex couples enjoy virtual equal status with opposite-sex couples. The years-long movement by the gay-lesbian community is an aggressive agenda designed to impose their code of morality on others, an action they denounce by some religious people.

Will the noble Professor Vitiello also defend the present majority should it become the minority? If percentage trends continue as they have over the past decade, the 2008 majority will soon become the minority. To a large extent, the current majority are religious people. Will they be able to freely exercise their religion should they become a minority, or will they be forced to capitulate to the created civil rights group lately formed over the past four decades? Will they then become victims due to the “tyranny of the minority,” and later become drastically abused themselves, suffering at the hands of a judiciary gone awry?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Budget Bungling: California's Continuing Crisis

The following entry was published in the Orange County Register on 2/28/09:

I am disappointed. Disappointed because of self-seekers who seem to be stuck on spending. Because statesmen who take a stand are slammed as being self-seekers.

I am disturbed. Disturbed because the state continues to run its business in ways I cannot or could not in my home and business. I would have nothing in either home or business if I conducted my finances the way our government does.

I am frustrated. Frustrated because of yet another action that will further disable citizens and business. When my niece and her husband are married in a few months, they will be taking their small business out of state. Add them to my list of former Californians.

Wasn't taxation at the root of our American Revolution? Can we not learn from history that excessive taxation oppresses the people? Indeed, disappoints, disturbs, and frustrates them into action? May enough citizens possess the character they say our lawmakers lack to once again initiate civil but certain action.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Role of Religion in Politics

In response to an Orange County Register article, I submitted the following comment in the December 5, 2008 issue:

If religious people had not become interested in politics, America would not have the Constitution and Bill of Rights it possesses. The Founders dictated no national religion because they knew that Jesus did not force Himself on anyone. They protected the free exercise of religion because they had seen imprisoned pastors both in England and in the Colonies.

When non-religious [or religious] people raise their voices in the political process, I affirm their rights in the political process, even though I might disagree. I cannot muffle the voice of an opponent and find myself in harmony with the First Amendment, nor should my adversary. I fear when I see steps toward religious censorship.

It is the right of the people to accept or reject the views of religious or non-religious participants, but threatening and intimidating words and actions by "zealots" of any group are not consistent with the American way. Our increasingly "enlightened" society invites intellectual and moral haze and darkness when it draws curtains on the light of knowledge and wisdom. All citizens must be allowed to speak without fear of reprisal.

Note: I was also moved to write when I saw a blog site listing my name among hundreds of others as a target for somebody’s Molotov cocktail party. I do not find intimidation or encroachment humorous, if the site was a joke. If it was not a joke, then the words are utterly foreign to the concept of free speech envisioned by our forefathers and protected by our Bill of Rights.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Patriotism is love of country. My love is born of a realistic satisfaction of what America is, not of a cynical dissatisfaction over what I think she is not. Like one who is married, I do not view my relationship with America with a desire to change the one I love, but to serve the one I love.

President Kennedy put it so well early in his term: "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."My love for America sprouts from the eternal seeds planted by heroes of three centuries ago, "who more than self their country loved, and liberty more than life."

The love I have recognizes the superiority and delicacy of that which was planted long ago--a matchless Constitution and Bill of Rights.My love for America thrives because of my love for God, my family, our forefathers, and our present-day citizens.

The zeal I possess to preserve the words and intents of our founding documents is generated by a sacred love for this unique land, a land destined to be one of the noblest, most generous nations to ever exist. May I be noble and generous in showing my love for America.

"America, America,
God shed His grace on Thee.
And crown thy good with brotherhood,
From sea to shining sea."


Thousands of years ago, properties and significant places were designated by landmarks. Those landmarks were intended to promote stability and security. Landmarks of various kinds are still in use today.

A biblical proverb says, "Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy [your] fathers have set."

The intent of this blog is to remind us of essential, worthy, and time-tested landmarks regarding faith, family, and foundations of our government and society.