Friday, May 20, 2011

San Francisco and Circumcision

This past week, the City of San Francisco announced an item that has now qualified for the next city election ballot: Penalties for Infant Circumcision - See the link below:

1. Parents have a natural, God-given authority over their children. The government may be able to determine what parents may do depending on the government's viewpoint of what is harmful to children. This attempt is a new attack on families.

2. The free exercise of religious liberyt is another issue. If circumcision is banned, then what other "harmful" aspects of one's religion will be banned, and who will determine the definition of harmful?

Nanny government continues its assault on personal liberty.

President Obama on the Middle East

Experts and pundits with broad and deep experience are addressing and analyzing the ramifications of President Obama's Middle East policy speech of May 19. I shall proffer but one question, specifically concerning Israel:

Do you ask a friend to weaken his home security system?