Friday, June 18, 2010

NBA Finals 2010: Aftermath Applications & Life Lessons

So often sports can be used to illustrate principles necessary for success in life. Here are a few quick observations after this year's NBA Finals:

1. Tenacity trumps talent. Talent is attractive and glamorous, but tenacity is that which causes a person to persist in what he is doing, regardless of the circumstances. A mind can become lax when times are good, and a mind can become distant during discouragement. Both teams are talented, but their dogged determination impressed me more than their natural abilities

2. Effort eclipses effervescence. The flashy, bubbly person may turn out to be a temporary leader. More dependable is the diligent one who faithfully follows the demands of the current task. In the end, hard work is more valuable than flashy displays.

3. Humility honors the whole. Kobe is not a favorite of many, but when he was asked about his poor shooting in Game 7, he gave an honest reason: he wanted it too much and it got away from him. He then credited his teammates and didn't go into a long excuse. Kobe recognized others as being the ones who enabled him to be sitting at a microphone as a winner.

There's more, but I think I have all I can handle for today. In fact, these three mouthfuls could consume a lifetime. For some really good insights, go to