Friday, July 30, 2010

Self Government and the USA

Self must be governed by morals that are consistent with America's founding documents in order for our government to work properly. A study of the Founders reveals the regard nearly all of them had for the Bible, and it was a largely biblical foundation that served as the basis for America's early documents. Other written sources were cited by key Founders, but not surprisingly, the ultimate origin for America's founding principles was the Bible.

Not everyone who had a part in America's birth was a Christian. However, the overwhelming majority were educated to respect the moral standards of the Bible, and some major "players" in those early days were Christians. Those who built America were well aware of the other major religions of the world, but they concluded that Bible Christianity and good government were essential to one another.

Those who favor the form of government given to us by our Founders must also determine to favor the Book they frequently quoted and to follow the God generally honored by the men who crafted our great Nation with the Divine Aid of the Supreme Being they mentioned. That Supreme Being governs best when He governs from the inside of citizens, thus producing the best in self government and resulting in the finest in human government.

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