Monday, May 31, 2010

Today I am wondering on Memorial Day…

Why I am so blessed to live in America

Why I missed Viet Nam by a year

Why there was so much hate in the 60’s

Why there is so much hate today

Why soldiers have been attacked during conflicts

Why soldiers have been attacked after conflicts

Why Jennie Wade died at Gettysburg

Why a friend didn’t die on Iwo Jima

Why a friend lost a brother in Viet Nam

Why a friend lost a son in Iraq

Why my family lost none --

Today I am wondering on Memorial Day…

Why people remove liberty for some while giving “liberty” to others

Why people deny lives to the unborn so adults can “enjoy” theirs

Why people favor lifestyles that have destroyed civilizations

Why marriage is no longer “till death do us part”

Why people term the unnatural natural

Why making a profit has become evil

Why people rewrite the history that made us great

Why education is more social than academic

Why schools can teach the morals of John Dewey, Charles Darwin, and Karl Marx, but not the morals of George Washington, William McGuffey, and Abraham Lincoln

Why a reference to the God respected by our Founders is now a breach of the First Amendment

Why people resist references to the Founding Fathers

Why people misrepresent the Document that gave people representation

Why most lawmakers think they know better than the people

Why judges twist like wax the great laws meant to stand like stone

Why some despise the qualities that once distinguished America

Why some hate our National Anthem’s words “In God is our trust”

Why the Book, the Bible, once revered is now scoffed

Why politicians have succumbed to greed

Why religious leaders have sought ease

Why citizens have grown soft

Why soldiers die for such insanity

Why I have the privilege of making a noble difference --

So that today’s soldiers will take heart as they risk their all for me.

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