Thursday, December 17, 2009

Erring Education: Gay, Green, and Garbled

I work with some of the best children in the world. I love them. Typically, the parents of these children are decent, productive citizens who possess traditional, often biblical, values. But alarmingly, a once-marginal chasm, now worse than the proverbial “generation gap,” grows with every decade. A major cause of this generational values chasm lies at the feet of an educational system that has run amiss.

The gay-lesbian agenda has relentlessly asserted itself for nearly twenty years, establishing footholds in public school and softening attitudes elsewhere. Homosexuals have asked the right to peacefully live their lives, but they aggressively promote their lifestyle, insisting that their abnormal lifestyle be accepted as normal. Tactics of intimidation once thought to be used only against gays and lesbians are used by gays and lesbians in attempts to pressure opponents into silence or acceptance.

The effect of the homosexual movement is a progression of the rights of a small minority at the expense of a recession of the first-amendment rights of the majority. The increase in on-campus gay-lesbian groups and demonstrations are symptomatic of education gone awry. More than the toleration of the gay-lesbian agenda is taught in public schools. Overwhelmingly, the propagation of the lifestyle as a part of regular society is often infused into the classroom and campus life. As in outside society, those who disagree with the homosexual agenda are viewed as intolerant and mean-spirited. Ironically, hundreds of gays and lesbians tend to demonstrate more intolerance and warlike attitudes than those they accuse of having the same faults.

Another example of education gone amiss is the issue of global warming. Supporters of a warming earth have hotly stirred many into a near frenzy for fear of an environmental Armageddon in a relatively few years. Recent revelations have substantiated the counter-claims of tens of thousands of scientists who dispute the cries of the Gore-ites. How soon will schools begin to present the opposing side to the panic-driven global warming curriculum? Perhaps about as soon as they will present intelligent design as an option to evolution.

When I was younger, a common fear was another ice age. That didn’t happen, and neither will global warming. Man is responsible to care for the earth, but he must not trump control over freedom in an exaggerated attempt to stymie a straw giant that doesn’t exist. Students speak frequently of ways to prevent global warming more often than they present ways to living moral lives and knowing the Constitution. The overemphasis on “green” has American students turning red when matched against their international counterparts in academic competition.

Garbled communications are another factor in today’s educational abyss. That which is ignorantly or intentionally framed to confuse, mislead, or skew is garbled, and therefore unfit for instruction or consumption. Nevertheless, from morals to academics, from the coercing of societal evolution to the rewriting of our nation’s history, an obvious humanistic doctrinal path has been provided for teachers and is daily preached to students.

If the trumpet gives forth an uncertain sound, the inhabitants of the city will be taken unaware by conquerors. Garbled communications, regardless of the intent of the instructor, will produce fruit consistent with the seeds planted. Students have been suffering from a restricted, enslaving educational agenda. Academic leaders who publicly champion academic freedom have cleverly crafted a curriculum designed to carve a population shaped to think one way, a recipe for certain intellectual and spiritual illness for our country.


  1. You think about gay people a lot, don't you?

  2. Hello Steve,

    I wanted to share some of my views and perspectives on this entry. Believe it or not a lot of homosexuals just want to live their life, I know I am one. Yes there are the few that want to dance around the streets in dresses, but at the same time there are people who kill their children because God told them to do it. Let's agree not to judge each group by the outliers.

    If I want to hold my partner's hand or take our children to soccer practice or go to a PTA meeting why shouldn't I be allowed to?

    "The effect of the homosexual movement is a progression of the rights of a small minority at the expense of a recession of the first-amendment rights of the majority."

    As an educator you should know that this country was founded by a group of minorities. Your statement echos the same cries from those who were against desegregation, which is not a far assertion considering your Alma Mater.

    "Ironically, hundreds of gays and lesbians tend to demonstrate more intolerance and warlike attitudes than those they accuse of having the same faults."

    It really is not very ironic. Imagine someone walking up to you and punching you in the face, your first reaction would be to punch back. The LGBT community has been hurt so much by the "religious" community. Places like Liberty preach love and acceptance on Sunday Morning, but do not really practice it. It took me a long time to get over the pain and anger I felt at Liberty and I took it out on religion and God. I am at place where I realize my sexual orientation is between me and God and I will answer to him, not the church or its members.

    I know my comments won't change your views, but I hope that you realize - we are people too. We want to worship God, spend time with our kids, and protect our families. Places and attitudes like Liberty make it hard. We teach our kids to be open minded and accepting of all people, even those that we may disagree with.