Saturday, November 14, 2009

The RNC and RINO's: NY-23 and California US Senate

We are seeing a California US Senate Republican primary battle between a true conservative, State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, and a "favored" moderate, Carly Fiorina. Chuck is continuing to build a marvelous grassroots base and has the support of Senator DeMint, Congressman McClintock, and well over half of California's GOP leadership, but there is concern over the future actions of the national GOP leadership. Carly has the support of many national Republican leaders.

NY-23 is an example of what happens when a genuine conservative runs a credible campaign but is not supported by the RNC. There could have been another conservative voice and vote in the House, but instead, the Republican candidate threw her support to an ideological foe of most registered Republicans, committing an act of betrayal and a misuse of RNC donations.

Governor Schwarzenegger ran as a Republican, and some thought the best he could do would be to restrain economic irresponsibility and veto some harmful social bills. Those actions and hopes were short lived, and he now resembles very little that is traditional Republican. He feels the GOP needs to moderate its views, and he continues to alienate party conservatives.

I am not at the forefront of a third-party movement, but I am aware of historical organizational trends: the natural tendency is to decline. The Republican National Committee is indeed risking becoming a non factor if it persists in ignoring some of its formerly held conservative principles due to a "unifying" but marginalizing pragmatism within its leadership. The current philosophy will unify only in that it will exclude those who once comprised the GOP base. For now, any money and efforts I can contribute go straight to a conservative candidate, not to the RNC and most likely a RINO.

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