Thursday, October 22, 2009

Report on Visit to Washington, DC, September 2009

Last month I made my usual trip to Washington, DC for the annual National Legislative Conference of the American Association of Christian Schools. As a “warm-up,” I was able to attend Saturday’s 912 Rally at the Capitol with a pastor friend and his wife. The crowd was polite but passionate, calm but concerned. Those who attended were upset at the direction the current Administration is leading America.

The problems we see in our country are mere symptoms of an underlying disease. Even as “righteousness exalteth a nation,” so unrighteousness debases a nation. The once seemingly insidious seeds of corruption have now surfaced as blatant attacks on our political, philosophical, and spiritual foundations, entangling us with deserved bondage and threatening to totally remove any trace of life from a creation once graciously birthed by the Giver of all liberty.

To be sure, millions are upset about political trends, and many are fighting some of the issues we addressed at our conference and in hundreds of congressional offices. Among the topics we highlighted were the following:

• Health Care – impacts ministries as well as other business, not to mention families.
• ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) – infringes upon the religious liberties of employers and employees
• Hate Crimes – creates protected classes of “questionable” minorities but excludes religious groups; establishes legal machinery for thought crime determination.
• Universal Pre-Kindergarten – is another attempt to divorce children from parents.

Millions of citizens are indeed upset about many arrogant attempts to assault our Constitutional, Bible-based freedoms, and that dissent is encouraging. Empty would this unrest prove, however, if its basis is merely a secular conservatism. Lasting fruit will be produced only as people are awakened to their own inadequacies and sins and respond to the God who gave His Son a ransom for many, the God to Whom Washington prayed and rested in for His atonement and strength. Prayers for all Americans...

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