Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day 2009

On a day of celebration, I celebrate. John Adams would have me do so. I marvel at the miraculous victories frequenting our history books. I reverence the countless heroes who “more than self their country loved” and gave the “last full measure of devotion.” I am grateful for the liberties and luxuries I enjoy as an American. As a Christian, I especially appreciate the expansive rights guaranteed to me in the First Amendment.

But I also take time for reflection. I cannot ignore the path America has followed in the past four decades. As Jefferson reminded his contemporaries, the natural course of liberty is to decline. Our freedoms have been legislated and litigated away, and our liberties have been redefined and restricted, all justified in the name of greater freedom and equality for all.

I conclude not with a melancholy resignation to an inevitable surrender to those who blindly attack the foundations of our Nation. Rather, I renew myself in my dedication to my God and the “God of Our Fathers” and to this Country that is still worth saving. May God grant a prayerful and powerful return to the positions that made us what we are: a Republic, a “Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

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  1. I found a blog that you might like to read. It is this person is very couragous in her efforts to tell it like it really is. She may be silenced one day for speaking the truth.
    Another place I like to visit isn't a blog. I'm surprised that this site hasn't been taken down. It may be, if the Obama gang get their way. You can begin with The Clowder-Piven Strategy.
    Good hunting,