Friday, May 22, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish

Directional Uncertainty and National Insecurity - President Obama's National Security Speech

The following is essentially a comment I submitted after reading Karl Rove's Wall Street Journal article dealing with President Obama's "flip-flops" and governance:

"Love is blind" comes to mind as I recall the mass swooning during Mr. Obama's rise to the Presidency. The people, wearied of war and the economic battle, chose the path of change proposed by one of the Senate's leading liberals, a relatively inexperienced politician who could give good speeches, as numbers of voters testified. The majority now have what they wished for.

The President's flip-flops are characteristic not only of liberalism, which itself is epitomized by the word "change," but also of expediency. I can accept certain deviations and adjustments to basic, generally consistent policies, but I begrudge an "about-face" in an area paramount to his campaign. Doing so reveals a directional uncertainty about the Commander-in-Chief who leads our nation and is responsible for our national security. Directional uncertainty is certainly something America cannot risk.

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