Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Robin Hood Lives

Robs from the rich and gives to the poor. So goes the legendary story of Robin Hood, who glamorized the art of robbery.

Rob from the rich and the middle class and give to a variety of deserving and undeserving recipients. Congress and California's lawmakers irresponsibly and immorally continue "legal plunder," (so called by French philosopher Frederic Bastiat) a habit neither legendary nor as glamorous as Robin Hood's.

Robin Hood's targets were a comparatively few oppressive, selfish nobles, not the majority of the contributing laborers. Government needs to return much to the hard workers of America, lest we become a nation of two classes--a few who have, and most of us who have not.

From a biblical perspective, Jesus told His followers that they were to render to "Caesar" that which was his. In recent American history, however, most politicians have exceeded that which is reasonable in determining what is Caesar's, to the point of inhibiting the creative, industrious people who elected them.

This is not medieval fantasy; this is present-day reality. There will come a day when governmental plundering will produce nothing more but poverty, unless the current trend is reversed.

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