Monday, April 6, 2009

American Arrogance

I tire of hearing one-sided, limited perspectives, but especially when a viewpoint unjustly paints the country I love as an overbearing, international ogre.

James Lewis (American Thinker 4/06/09, “Those Arrogant Americans”) reminds us of only a few heroic episodes and interventions from our history, and he does not really touch on the infinite dollars and manpower devoted to humanitarian aid. Whenever there is an international disaster, it seems the United States is ready to lend a helping hand, where it is usually immediately received by the victimized country, unless Myanmar or the People’s Republic is a potential recipient.

I understand the current administration’s desire to promote world goodwill. That desire is as old as America. I do not understand, however, an unbalanced, self-deprecation on the international stage. Our enemies will respect us less and grow more motivated, and our allies will become uncertain concerning our resolve and dependability.

Acting “cowboy” may not have been appealing to many as a foreign-relations approach—perhaps arrogant; but “kow-towing” as a means of appeasing will surely prove to be ignorant.

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