Monday, March 30, 2009

Poll Reversal –Same-sex marriage support eroding - PPIC - Red County

I supported Proposition 8. I am neither a homophobe, nor am I a hatemonger. I love all people.

I support the peoples' right to choose; accordingly, I oppose the efforts of some judges to overturn the reasonable, constitutional will of voters.

I fear continued media manipulation and censorship, which although are more palatable than the techniques of the former Soviet Union, are nonetheless effective.

If Californians will align their beliefs and actions according to traditional American values, the polls will continue their current trend. By “traditional,” I mean that which was typical of our inhabitants for three centuries. Traditional thought found its basis in conservative, often openly biblical principles.

Ordinarily, the God of the Bible wrote His principles—His messages—in clear, literal terms. When the language is symbolic, passages elsewhere shed light on obscure words or lines. The language of the Bible is indisputable in reference to God's viewpoint on same-sex physical relations. Homosexuality is not an acceptable lifestyle alternative.

Homosexuals are permitted to practice their sexual preferences as they wish, and they are often afforded a more positive media light than heterosexuals. The gay-lesbian movement impresses some citizens as a group seeking to aggressively impose its will and lifestyle on others who disagree, something a religious group would not be permitted to do.

Freedom to practice homosexuality is not the same as the freedom to restrict the First-Amendment Rights of others. The November vote was reasonable and logical, and homosexuals are still entitled to a large array of commonly held rights. May the 2008 majority continue to have their will and their rights protected.

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