Friday, February 27, 2009

Same-Sex Marriage: Still Hope from the Courts?

“… Do we really want minority rights swinging on majority sentiment? Maybe homosexuals, who’ve been abused so drastically for so long, are a minority group that merits court protection.” ("Total Buzz," Orange County Register, 2/27/09)

Experience has taught me that religious people, on the whole, are more kind and tolerant than the minorities who are allegedly now persecuted. Conservatives strive to protect the free speech of their opponents, while liberals have worked to restrict the rights of their foes. Aside from an official “marriage,” same-sex couples enjoy virtual equal status with opposite-sex couples. The years-long movement by the gay-lesbian community is an aggressive agenda designed to impose their code of morality on others, an action they denounce by some religious people.

Will the noble Professor Vitiello also defend the present majority should it become the minority? If percentage trends continue as they have over the past decade, the 2008 majority will soon become the minority. To a large extent, the current majority are religious people. Will they be able to freely exercise their religion should they become a minority, or will they be forced to capitulate to the created civil rights group lately formed over the past four decades? Will they then become victims due to the “tyranny of the minority,” and later become drastically abused themselves, suffering at the hands of a judiciary gone awry?


  1. Steve,

    You have put together a very nice and well-written blog. Did you just start this blog this month? I hope you keep it up! I love God, my family, and my country too -- but I just have a small difference of opinion with you on this topic. I saw your post in the OC Register discussion.

    I read your post above. Even in the state of California — and definitely not in conservative Orange County — I don't believe “religious” people are in significant danger of ever becoming a minority in the foreseeable future.

    What do you mean by “religious”? “Religious conservatives”? "Evangelicals"? Please be specific. There are moderate and even liberal religious people, including liberal Christians out there. And this may be a shock to you, but there are many gays and lesbians who are religious, and many of those gays and lesbians are church-going Christians too. They just go to churches and congregations that love and accept them for who they are.

    “Conservatives protect the free speech of their opponents.” That sounds very patriotic! But after Proposition 8 passed and many of the “No on 8″ people took to the streets in rallies across California and across the country — do you think that most of the “conservatives” were saying, “Good for you — I may not agree with you, but you do have free speech!”……...Or were they saying “Shut up — the people voted — You lost.”?

    Perhaps you would nobly defend their freedom of speech (even though you might disagree with them), but if you take a look at discussion boards on the OC Register, Fox News, and other politically conservative-leaning sources, you will see that the majority of self-described conservatives were being as harsh (if not more) to their opponents, than their opponents were to them.

    I believe, as long as conservative “religious” people preach that gay people are an “abomination” and tell them that they must somehow try to “cure themselves” of being gay in order to be accepted by God — yes, that is their definite “Freedom of speech” — But that does not even come close to the meaning of “Tolerance”. At least not in my view.

    While more socially conservative churches may believe they really want to help gays by "curing them" often it leads many gays and lesbians further into pain, alienation, depression and even suicide. If you google search for the movie "Prayers for Bobby", you might understand more about what I'm talking about.

    As for the so called “aggressive gay agenda” — I believe that gays want equal rights. They aren’t trying to take away anyone else's rights. As for morality — I believe that morality is something that should be cultivated at home and the church (or other house of worship) — not supposed to be legislated and imposed through the government. Otherwise, we would have been a theocracy. You might disagree with that, but that's just my view.

    Same-sex unions or partnerships (even in California) are not the equivalent of marriage. Same-sex couples cannot file taxes together, as well as a host of other things. To be equal to a marriage, same-sex unions would need federal recognition of their equality - and that would require a federal repeal of the “Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA).

    Again, you have a nice blog. I may not agree with everything you have written, but you write well. Good luck with your blog! :)

  2. Thank you for your compliments, Jamie, and thank you for the way in which you expressed your differences. My blog began in February 2009.

    Given my time and space limitations, I cannot adequately respond to everything you addressed in your letter. You can be assured that even as you, I spoke based on my research and experiences.

    May I encourage you to grow in your love for God and His Word, knowing that in Him and in His Book we find all wisdom. Thank you again for your perspectives and presentation. I continue to learn from everyone.