Thursday, February 19, 2009

Budget Bungling: California's Continuing Crisis

The following entry was published in the Orange County Register on 2/28/09:

I am disappointed. Disappointed because of self-seekers who seem to be stuck on spending. Because statesmen who take a stand are slammed as being self-seekers.

I am disturbed. Disturbed because the state continues to run its business in ways I cannot or could not in my home and business. I would have nothing in either home or business if I conducted my finances the way our government does.

I am frustrated. Frustrated because of yet another action that will further disable citizens and business. When my niece and her husband are married in a few months, they will be taking their small business out of state. Add them to my list of former Californians.

Wasn't taxation at the root of our American Revolution? Can we not learn from history that excessive taxation oppresses the people? Indeed, disappoints, disturbs, and frustrates them into action? May enough citizens possess the character they say our lawmakers lack to once again initiate civil but certain action.

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